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Hier System- Blockchain Ethereum

Securing Medical Data on the Blockchain.

Modern medical centers need to have a broad understanding of the different forms of data they rely upon, and how to properly safeguard different forms of data in the best possible way. Recently, a new way to store data has become available, called _blockchain technology_. Our team at *Forward Blockchain* can help you understand how to use this new technology to improve security and lower costs at your facility.

Securiy Through Simplicity.

All medical IT systems contain datasets in the form of a registry: These are authored and maintained by multiple organizations and require strict permissions validation to retain integrity. Examples include provider licensing information, drug formularies, standard of care protocols, or equipment inspections.\n\nWith the Hier System we use the public ethereum blockchain to manage this data, in a way that is simpler and more secure than traditional methods.\n\nContact us today for a demo of the Hier System!

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Designed with the guidance of State regulators, *Hier Licensing* tracks medical provider licenses and encodes alterations to the licensing registry directly on the ethereum blockchain. This system can also track CME credits and can also be used to track licenses and certificates within individual medical facilities.

Establish a comprehensive and secure record for all inspections and maintenance processes for radiological equipment in your facility with *Hier Inspection*, a system that allows inspectors to digitally sign records directly on the ethereum public blockchain and validates inspection requirements in real time, using smart contract technology.

Besides being a medical doctor with a 14 year history in developing enterprise medical software at Wolters Kluwer Clinical Solutions, Conrad Barski has also authored multiple [technical books][] and has been involved with blockchain technology since 2011.

With a long professional history developing software systems in both the private and public sector, Craig Ludington has been working full time on blockchain applications since early 2016.

A lawyer with a background in civil litigation, Lauren Barski is now focusing on corporate strategy and business management.